360 Degree Approach

The importance of print cannot be overlooked. But it is equally important to understand how all the various media we have at our disposal these days can work in concert with each other. What Flagship Custom Publishing does is marry the elegance and contemplative pace of print with the immediacy and excitement of electronic technologies. We are able to interface with our clients' ongoing electronic initiatives by repurposing our content to make both products more effective and intelligent. FCP can provide the following products to complement your magazine:


Several years ago, prevailing wisdom was declaring print publications a thing of the past. We disagreed then, and we disagree now. Print is still the most desired medium for many people. Holding a magazine allows a reader the chance to contemplate, admire, and dream. Photography and text work together in a seamless way that even the most advanced digital publications have yet to achieve. Flagship Custom Publishing believes in print, and we believe it is here to stay.


Just as we believe in the continuing power of print, we also believe that digital publications are a critical component of a project's success. Each Flagship Custom Publishing project will be provided a digital magazine with its own unique URL. This digital version can be posted on your website and promoted with a targeted email campaign. Tracking analytics provides real-time information about who is visiting your digital magazine site. Flagship will help to maintain the magazine and upload new content for each subsequent version.

iPhone/iPad Apps

The iPad and iPhone ushered in a new era that has allowed clients to develop and repurpose editorial content that has the potential to extend the reach of their print or digital magazines, and speak to new, typically younger, audiences. Advertisers, too, are able to create specialized messaging, allowing the end user to take control and turn a message into an 'organic conversation' which is immediate, mobile, highly personal and exceptionally engaging.

Social Networking

Social Media Marketing combines the goals of internet marketing with social media sites such as Facebook, Digg, Google+, Newsvine, YouTube, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others. Social Media Marketing goals are different for every organization, however most will involve some form of viral marketing to build brand awareness, increase visibility, or sell a product and promoting your print project through this powerful medium will only increase your brand’s reach.

Combining these elements creates a powerful and far-reaching marketing message. We call it the 360 Degree Solution.

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