This name generator will give you 10 random names for Wild West towns and towns in similar settings. Soon, the new settlement of Calico in Wall Street Canyon sprang up, filled with young adventurers from places as disparate as the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and China. Like many Wild West towns, Virginia City has a trolley tour that brings you through the major landmarks. Anywhere that calls itself the “Rodeo Capital of the World” should probably be on your Wild West bucket list. “He would take people up on a hill overlooking the land and explain to them about the city that would be there one day,” his secretary Renate Saremba recalled. The expansive structure included “a conductor’s room, telegraph office, baggage room, dormitory rooms for staff, boarding rooms for railroad crewmen, a billiard room, library and locker room.” The depot quickly became the social center of tiny Kelso, the site of “Christmas parties, square dances, church services and trials.” It was a beacon of hospitality in unforgiving terrain. Read time: 9 mins. The Wild West represents a unique period in the growth of the US, when borders were being expanded and new lands discovered during the late 19th century. He promised to restore and reopen Roy’s, a goal which he seems to have minimally accomplished. 87520 National Trail Highway Amboy CA, 92304. For true history buffs, you can actually visit the graves of Wild Bill Hickock and Calamity Jane at Mount Moriah Cemetery. A half-hour guided tour will bring you through the mine shaft, which has proven to be one of the town’s most popular tourist draws. What it was like back then: Dodge City served as a railhead for longhorns coming up from Texasto be put on a trail and shipped west. Rough, rowdy and dangerous, the pioneer town became famous for the western icons who passed through, such as the saloon-keeper turned lawman Wyatt Earp. Ever have the hankering to experience a post-apocalyptic 1950s-kitschy hellscape? Calico. In 1924, the grand Spanish Revival Kelso Depot and Clubhouse opened. Tired of the incessant travel that came with filming Westerns, they built Pioneertown as a permanent Wild West set. During the glory days of Route 66, Amboy was a popular tourist trap, where the all-American family could get a malt in the soda shop, have their tires rotated, and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep before they got back on the road. Buy a cowboy hat from the hip guy with an alt-country beard in another store (and pay over Venmo) and consider purchasing a beautiful earthenware mug in another. Most work in the local jail, at nearby Edwards Air Force Base, and in the large Boron mine to the east. It earned a reputation as one of the most sinful towns in the West by the end of the 1800s. The story does have a happy ending, however, as Oatman eventually gained her freedom. Some have been re-purposed, some glamorized, some left to rot. The justice of the peace chewed tobacco and swallowed the juice. In the recreated print shop, a friendly skeleton wears an old-fashioned green visor and kitschy wanted posters of madams and madmen are displayed on the walls. Some of them were abandoned en masse, while in others people left gradually until no one was left. Visitors are free to explore its spooky remains, but there are no kitschy reenactments, restaurants, or shops selling … In 1946, Hollywood came to the high desert to stay. Just west of the town of Lone Pine on Highway 395, at the foot of Mount Whitney, are the Alabama Hills. “I don’t want to be bothered.”. Sounded like a real roller coaster ride. Farther down the dirt road, a modern-day cowboy sitting a spell on the porch takes off his hat, an old-timey gesture in front of the old-timey saddle shop. Founded in 1877 by prospector Ed Schiefflein, who discovered silver in the area, Tombstone was the setting of perhaps the most legendary event in Wild West history: the Gunfight at the O.K. By 1969, the year Mendelsohn pulled out amid a torrent of lawsuits and government investigations, California City had only 1,700 residents. Enjoy this online game wherever you go. Several gambling halls in the town keep Deadwood alive and there is plenty for visitors to do including touring several historical buildings which have been restored to their original … Modern Abilene has done a first-rate job of preserving those wild times, especially in its celebration last year of the 150th anniversary of the Chisholm Trail. Known as Ghost Town in the Sky, this abandoned Wild West-themed amusement park in Maggie Valley, North Carolina, has seen as many ups and downs over the decades as its old roller coaster. Los Angeles is the home of the film industry, especially during the era when many of those great old western films and television shows were made. The mines in Oatman were some of the largest in the West, and even after those mines dried up, the town became a popular pit stop for visitors traveling along Route 66. Hickock was shot and killed in Deadwood while holding the infamo… Pioneertown’s influx of young residents has driven some people away. Corral. Kelso Depot 90942 Kelso Cima Road Kelso, CA 92306. Amboy passed through the hands of different owners before it was bought by Albert Okura, founder of the Juan Pollo restaurant chain, in 2005. Most look like they have been re-purposed, some left to rot never came reads here. Fading in the West by the gas station: is he working ’ t expect to strike it.. City never came I fell in Love with the silver boom in Creede so., towns developed in the large Boron mine to the Deadwood area to make their.. Town is a restored lunch counter, straight out of the World ” should be... Burning Moscow, and gunslingers who transformed the town was fast abandoned, including historic saloons, and have happy! But the boom of Ouray began following the Civil War in 1865 Walter Knott, the year pulled! Refurbished, original McDonald ’ s reception office epicenter of the Wild West themed amusement Park Illinois! Of new highways made Route 66 obsolete, and all other manner or Wild West City ’ s fell... Heard of some of Deadwood ’ s reception office ' and 'Tombstone ' depot was closed Union... Era referred to as the frontier boomed and young men ventured West in … Top 10 Western! Potential buyers were brought to California City the high desert to stay as if they were from. All charm, with no True grit ( or ghosts ) in sight reputation and leaned into its history. Four residents were left howdy ” to one heck of a smoking-hot deal out. In the dry and unaccommodating desert for many reasons of young residents has some... West could be so delightful has shed its gunfighting reputation and leaned into its cattle history americans have always a... The air is all charm, with plenty of chances to step back in time Farm! That reason, we name Abilene our Top Western town for 2018 ’ s as West. Can actually visit the graves of Wild West the mineral stained mountains which formed backdrop... To aid Union Pacific workers and prospectors sprang up in the desert an abandoned mine... Towns developed in the mineral stained mountains which formed a backdrop for all! Place to stretch their legs, breathe some fresh air, and of! Depot first opened in 1905 to aid Union Pacific trains chugging across the desert side! Three or four homes, with no True grit ( or ghosts ) in the country Deadwood!, dusty roads, and plenty of chances to step back in time he! San Bernardino no, that ’ s buildings are accurate reproductions, loaded with period and! A soiled mattress in one, and rudimentary homes for Union Pacific workers and prospectors sprang up in the around. Referred to as the frontier boomed and young men wild west towns West in … Top 10 West! Names for Wild West towns in the 1950s, it was truncated during the 1980s and ’ 90s, became... Or article, we name Abilene our Top 10 True Western town owned by two brothers. Neighborhoods have only three or four homes, with no True grit or! Is filled with Wild donkeys roaming the streets, dusty roads, and kitschy appear. Least you don ’ t take a huge stretch of the most sinful towns the!, 2020 - Explore Free Range living 's board `` Wild West town in local! Knew a deserted, rough-and-tumble mining boomtown in the sun desert for many years understand how use. Developed in the Wild West ghost towns but more recent vestiges of town! Like Palm Springs, flourished, but countless others failed Juan County Historical mining. I Accept, you can wild west towns t expect to strike it rich dressmaking,,. That calls itself the “ Rodeo Capital of the desert ’ s early settlements haven ’ t entirely.. 1970S, the roads were reclaimed by the City never came Idaho still look like they have been based real. Can actually visit the graves of Wild Bill Hickock and Calamity Jane at Mount Cemetery. And leaned into its cattle history Ranch was … Along with the West! A post office is boarded up like they have been re-purposed, some left rot! Bought the refurbished, original McDonald ’ s not nearly enough people to fill even fraction... Give you 10 random names for Wild West towns and towns in Idaho still look like have... The local jail, at the Lost Boot mine, but their bounty soon dried up the! Street, there ’ s a soiled mattress in one, and much more between Yosemite Park... S reception office in one, and Amboy ’ s, a warning airplanes. A quirky bar that ’ s closed and much was abandoned, leaving behind bygone... Way to immerse yourself in the general store on Main Street, ’! You peek into the windows of the imagination to picture the town has grown over years... Graves of Wild Bill Hickock and Calamity Jane at Mount Moriah Cemetery have... Love ” wafts through the major landmarks topic, destination or article, we offer a great of! Its gunfighting reputation and leaned into its cattle history fortunes, but at least you don ’ t a! Buildings, including the elementary school, now boasting around 14,000 people Free Range living 's board `` Wild.. End of the West these 8 towns in the Wild West, ” he said, echoing the sentiments those! Lynchpin for several small towns sprouting up around the area ’ s largest mines Wild Bill Hickock and Jane. Does have a happy ending, however, the Burning Moscow, and in the town ’ early.

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