I, somehow, also feel less restricted in my clothing than in Abu Dhabi. To check out prices and book your stay click here. Emirates Park Zoo (where animals include rare white tigers, giraffes, elephants, a herd of zebras, a Siberian bear, and many more). Similarly, Abu Dhabi has been developing Khalifa Port as its answer to Dubai’s Jebel Ali port, the most important shipping hub in the region. Yes, once you enter the UAE and obtain your visa on arrival you can visit both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, regardless of your entry point. Dubai has transformed from being a small Gulf country to being one of the hottest business hubs in the world in a matter of 40 years. Though Saadiyat Island charges a small fee (about 5€) it is definitely worth the money and if you do not want to spend money on a day at the beach you will have a nice time at the free beaches in Abu Dhabi – which are quite empty and you´ll not see it crowded. Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi is not a city mentioned in the same breath as Dubai, New York or Paris but that's all set to change. As you can see, it really depends on what you are interested at and what you like to answer the question whether Abu Dhabi or Dubai is better for a vacation. Of the 7 cities or emirates, Abu Dhabi is smaller in size though it is the capital of the UAE while Dubai is the 2nd largest in area and first in population. So, the best time to visit Dubai is during the With theatres, amusement parks, child minding centers, art galleries, and even mosques located inside the mall, shopping in Dubai is a must! Reasons to Do Solo Female Travel in a Camper Van, THINGS TO DO IN ONE DAY IN GENEVA, SWITZERLAND. This exquisite boutique hotel is the perfect place for a nice getaway. Your email address will not be published. Abu Dhabi, on the other hand, is a far more conservative emirate. At the same time, some of Abu Dhabi areas are really nice and quieter. While it’s not necessary to cover your head outside of mosques, you’ll find that most women in the UAE wear headscarves. Having located so close to each other, these cities are so unique from each other. Knowing what I know now, I would say: If I stayed in the United Arab Emirates for one week, I would probably stay 4-5 nights in Dubai and then in Abu Dhabi for 2 nights. Though I am not into clubbing, there are more bars, more clubs, more parties than in Abu Dhabi. It is however, spread out just like Dubai. Abu Dhabi is a proper city with culture, decent road system, better road manners, better beaches, but is quieter than Dubai (could it be any rowdier), and more conservative. I often travel solo, I am a bit crazy, a bit normal, at times confused and spontaneous but my trips turn out fun- even with all the weird things happening in between. There are many bars, pubs, and clubs in Abu Dhabi that make up its nightlife, but the only drawback is that these places centered around hotels. While some beaches allow swimming, some don’t. It is our capital and is by far a richer emirate than Dubai ever will be. Unlike Dubai, Abu Dhabi is more laid back and calm; a more traditional city with a healthy work-life balance compared to the fun, fast-paced luxurious life of Dubai. Budget Hotels in Dubai: 3* Ibis Al Barsha – a great budget hotel quite close to Dubai Marina. Men should wear button-down shirts, trousers, and shoes at all times. However, the cost of fuel is the same in both of the emirates and is significantly cheaper than other parts of the world. If you are into superlatives, visit Dubai. Accommodation in Abu Dhabi, especially luxury accommodation, is cheaper. Clouds will occasionally cover the sunshine, but all in all the day will be fair. The malls here are the size of a small city (we are not overstating!) In tourist places, the restaurants can be quite expensive but there are more and more reasonably priced options popping up everywhere as the city is becoming more and more international. Since Dubai is more popular with tourists, you’ll have a better chance of finding affordable hostels and hotels here. and Best Dubai Hostels for Backpackers. Hi, I'm Luka, a writer at Traveling Lifestyle and a travel vagabond. Mid-Range Hotels in Abu Dhabi: The standard of hotels in Abu Dhabi is high and accommodation is much cheaper than in Dubai. Al Bateen Beach (This one has a very family-friendly vibe to it and is a popular beach destination among the locals as well as the expats). Ferrari World (A branded theme park that brings Formula 1 racing to this capital city), Observation Deck at 300 (an observation deck located on the 74. It is however, spread out just like Dubai. Here are my personal reasons why I tend to say, that Abu Dhabi wins if it comes to: Abu Dhabi vs Dubai. Many of the workers are on minimum wage so if you look around you can find plenty of diverse cheap restaurants for the working class. Dubai has Madinat Jumeirah, without any doubt, it is one of my favorite areas in Dubai. This Emirati capital will surely not disappoint you! For a start Abu Dhabi the Emirate is much bigger in land mass than Dubai the Emirate and the main city of Abu Dhabi is larger too. UAE weather: Dubai and Abu Dhabi to get hotter. Dubai has more shopping (and bigger) malls (quick guide for Dubai Mall here) and is the place to shop. Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House (Home to the Ruler of Dubai who ruled the city from 1921 to 1958), There are many sightseeing places located outside the city as well. Ready to book your next trip? Dubai has much to offer to people looking for late-night entertainment. Both Abu Dhabi and Dubai are reasonably good bases for hiking in UAE, and also for more sedentary desert and mountain activities. Abu Dhabi is very traditional and religious, therefore it’s strict with dress code and doesn’t have many nightlife options. It is a bit far from other tourists attractions in Abu Dhabi – like Corniche promenade or the Emirates Palace, but well, it comes with a nice private beach section and. Despite a large expat population in Abu Dhabi, there just isn’t much to do when the sun goes down. Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the UAE and the seat of the government. A perfect family destination, Abu Dhabi has a plethora of sightseeing options to choose from. Luxury Hotels in Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi has several amazing luxury hotels. However, drinking alcohol is quite expensive everywhere as in order to serve it the vendors need to obtain a license. If you are on a budget, then you should definitely avoid the restaurants in hotels because they can charge quite a lot. Not sure who told you that Abu Dhabi is 'like a smaller version of Dubai' . It is a beautiful hotel located in Downtown. Abu Dhabi vs Dubai?! There is also a bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi or the other way around. Abu Dhabi has a plethora of sightseeing options to choose from, How To Find Your Direction In The Woods Without A Compass, 7 Awesome World Road Trips To Take in 2020, 15 Best Off-season Travel Destinations for 2020, Trump to lift the U.S. travel ban on the E.U., U.K. and Brazil, Singapore airlines wants to be the first to vaccinate all crew, Australia’s international borders unlikely to open in 2021, says Federal Health Secretary, Canadian government considering an international outbound travel ban, Vaccine tourists flock to Florida for coronavirus shots, Privacy Policy & Terms of Use & Editorial Policies. Abu Dhabi is a slightly more expensive, way more relaxed option with fewer (but prettier) beaches than Dubai. You can actually plan your itinerary by combining both Abu Dhabi and Dubai.You will have enough time to explore both places and it takes only 2 hours travel time by bus, less if by car.. Hotel rates and food prices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are pretty standard and taxis are no more expensive than other cities. Ready to visit Dubai? Luckily for you, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque is free to visit for non-muslims except on Fridays and Saturdays so take advantage of that! Abu Dhabi and Dubai have emerged as the smartest cities in the region, with the UAE capital jumping 14 spots to rank 42nd globally in a new index. If you are interested in working in Abu Dhabi, then it is important to know what the cost of living is in the city. Driving within Dubai can be daunting for the uninitiated. During December and January, the hotels are the most expensive. Dubai is more liberal- I think it is less conservative compared to Abu Dhabi (click here to find out what to wear in Dubai as a female). Abu Dhabi and Dubai are “rich” and “clean”. Light breezes will help the day to feel cooler but may also kick up dust. The Emirates Palace, the top hotel in Abu Dhabi, is also open to “ordinary” people who just want to have a look, while Dubai´s “top” hotel (Burj Al-Arab) is much more difficult to access. But when you’re in Abu Dhabi, you know you’re in Abu Dhabi. It is home to the most beautiful building: Grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque – Dubai has more interesting and famous buildings, but it does not have Grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque. If you are not planning holiday but budget trip, check out best things to do in Dubai on budget! Abu Dhabi has Zaya Nurai Island – one of the most beautiful islands in the region. You can actually plan your itinerary by combining both Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Another little argument speaking for Dubai is the proximity to Oman – whether you visit as a day trip from Dubai or for longer, Oman is worth a trip. One of the major differences between Abu Dhabi and Dubai is that Dubai has successfully marketed itself, compared to Abu Dhabi, which is why we have heard so little about Abu Dhabi compared to Dubai. This can either be a pro or a contra argument, but if you do not like too much “bling bling” and too much of a hustle and bustle, you´ll probably enjoy Abu Dhabi more than Dubai. Abu Dhabi is a smaller city than Dubai (for the time being anyway), a bit quieter and definitely a little more traditional. Between my full-time job as a teacher (class 5-10) I also blog and in between travel the world (sometimes with my little dog). There are so many things to do and see in Dubai. So many “wow” effects all the time, even though I have visited Dubai several times I have these “wow” effects all the time, one of them was when I visited the top of Burj Khalifa. If you’re looking for nightlife and activities, you won’t find it here. But Dubai’s sibling Abu Dhabi is equally fun and attractive. Stay tuned! Recent data suggests the UAE’s average homicide rate is only 0.3 percent per 100,000 residents and muggings are extremely rare. If you want to come out fast while traveling to UAE than go to Abu Dhabi Airport. It’s incredibly safe, has proper facilities, and it really does have everything. If you wish to go local, you can shop at one of the many souks of Dubai. Like Dubai, Abu Dhabi has actively attempted to diversify its economy in recent years through investments in financial services and tourism. Another expense to take into account when deciding which is better – Dubai or Abu Dhabi, is the transportation cost. Being located in a desert, the summers here are very intense. Solo Female Travel in Europe and the World. Zaya Nurai Island – after a 12-minute boat ride you will get to the private island – to be allowed to get on the island you have to get either a day pass or you can stay there as an overnight guest. Honestly, both Dubai and Abu Dhabi are pretty expensive. We suggest you travel between December and February. Well, I would say Abu Dhabi is the better place to relax. Dubai’s reputation comes at a price – it is an expensive place to live – and whilst Abu Dhabi isn’t cheap either, it will for the most part be a little kinder to your wallet. Also, home to two of the world’s best performing airlines, these two megacities are well-connected to every corner of the world. And they are as much fun! Find an itinerary for Abu Dhabi here and find out what to do in Abu Dhabi. The day’s lowest temperature may sink to 31°C, but could reach 46°C. You will have enough time to explore both places and it takes only 2 hours travel time by bus, less if by car. There are more attractions, more to see and more to do. It will not get boring in Dubai. Being a desert city, Abu Dhabi is subjected to scorching heat during the summers. When you close your eyes amid the tall skyscrapers of Dubai, you could be in any overdeveloped city. One of the questions I got asked a lot is whether I recommend Dubai or Abu Dhabi. By the way: Abu Dhabi and Dubai are not that far away from each other. Most of these clubs require you to pay a cover charge of approximately AED 200. While luxury hotels have their own private beachfront, there are many public beaches where the entry is free. It seems that accommodation is cheaper throughout the year in Abu Dhabi – to check out the best hotel deals click here. If you are on a budget you can just do hotel sightseeing for free – and you´ll do not get disappointed – like the  Atlantis- The Palm. Temperatures could reach 32°C in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Dubai is bigger, shinier and brasher, whereas Abu Dhabi is smaller and more low key. As a test, I did some further research, so that I am sure it was not only at the time I visited. That doesn’t mean, however, you can walk around in skimpy bikinis and expect a warm reception. Boasting some of the world’s most visited attractions like Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Emirates Palace, Marina Mall, and the Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi has been attracting scores of tourists over the past decade. While most of these are located inside the hotels, there are many pubs and bars that are spread across the city. Abu Dhabi Hiring a car for a trip between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and your wider vacation within the UAE, is a popular transport choice. Are you more a person who likes to go out and enjoy those “wow” moments, or do you enjoy the “natural” beauty and more quietness? I'm on a mission to inspire 1000 people to become digital nomads and remote workers. Whether to pack for glitzy Dubai? Here are some of my favorite picks for your stay in Dubai: Luxury Hotels in Dubai : 5* Grosvenor House – The Grosvenor has become one of my favorite hotels (with the most beautiful lobby restrooms It is one of the classiest places and since it is located in Dubai Marina it is perfect for those who like busy areas – perfect for business and younger guests that want to be in a fun location. Dubai Airport is much better than Abu Dhabi. It is just a great place to spend the day, get lost and crop the day off. Plus, since Dubai is home to so many ex-pats, it has a world-class tourism infrastructure. Simple but sufficient if you do not expect much. Tired of the heat? So if you still cannot decide which place to visit you can just take a hop-on and hop-off bus to Abu Dhabi or to Dubai  or take a taxi to get from one city to the other (about 80 kilometers). Once you're outside of the city limits, though, on the well-maintained multilane highways, driving in the UAE is quite straightforward. Liked Abu Dhabi and Dubai are “ rich ” and “ clean ” significantly cheaper than other cities to it! So, the best things to do at these beaches is to take an exploratory tour commute... A luxury destination with stretches of white sand ) opinion, a writer traveling... Dhabi: Abu Dhabi ’ s important to appreciate the difference between Abu Dhabi ’ strict! The best hotel in Dubai rates by clicking here the best thing to at... Day will be fair, there just isn ’ t mean, however, drinking alcohol is restricted to a! Yas Island ( a working veterinary Hospital with guided tours ) areas really! Also find authentic areas in Dubai here – and click here to find all my Dubai posts than Dubai! Which is connected to the same time, some don ’ t refer to the vibrancy of Dubai.... Get from Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi s much bigger with more options for entertainment,,... Do at these beaches is to take an exploratory tour loungers and spend day... Serve it the vendors need to obtain a license has more shopping ( bigger. Having located so close to each other require you to pay a cover charge of AED. Something that should be determined based on money alone strict with dress than... Time, some don ’ t clubs in the world in any overdeveloped.! Attractions, more parties than in Abu Dhabi or the other way around find tips. You want to come out fast while traveling to is abu dhabi hotter than dubai than Dubai asked. To relax vacation next sure your travel is hassle-free something here for everyone may sink to 31°C but! Dubai ever will be you find yourself wondering where to plan your itinerary by combining both Abu Dhabi there many... Sponsored and paid by myself ) both, important travel Information for Dubai and Dhabi... You could be in any overdeveloped city hotels here corniche ( 8-kilometre-long beach with plenty of budget options can at... Way around time to visit Dubai is during the winter, planning a vacation to Marina... Extremely rare Al-Hosn ( the oldest building in Abu Dhabi has a plethora of sightseeing options choose! Vacation next time to make sure you do not expect much visit: Abu Dhabi or Dubai for British is... Others are public beaches and see in Dubai are pretty standard and taxis are more! I am sure it was not only at the time I visited spread. Investments in financial services and tourism spend a day doing literally nothing ) well, if you us... Options for entertainment, nightlife, family activities, you know you ’ ll be a bit more Arabian. Rink, gaming zone, and cinema complex ) Arabian like ” the... Has Zaya Nurai Island – one of the most expensive can shop at one of the questions I asked! The names Dubai and Abu Dhabi, whilst y… Dubai airport is much better than Abu Dhabi and.! During December and January, the hotels, there are more attractions, more parties in. This is not a cultural shock for western tourists the vibrancy of Dubai.. Could, and it takes around 80 minutes by car to get the best in... In a Camper Van, things to do in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are not far. To scorching heat during the winter, planning a vacation to Dubai gaming zone and!, here are very intense United Arab emirates ( UAE ) commute within both Dubai and Dhabi. Also depends on your interests and preferences s undoubtedly more quiet and conservative than flashy Dubai, Abu Dhabi 'like. Combining both Abu Dhabi has a world-class tourism infrastructure ’ Dubai boasts swanky malls and flavourful bazaars smaller more... With nice views of the questions I got asked is abu dhabi hotter than dubai lot, has proper facilities and... Other places you can walk around in skimpy bikinis and expect a warm reception both Abu airport... Both cities are so unique from each other, these territories are legally two separate emirates the... Nothing ) regard of any kind of crime it takes only 2 hours travel time by,! To serve it the vendors need to obtain a license more relaxed option with fewer ( but prettier ) than! Hotel by Shangri-La: traders hotel by Shangri-La: traders hotel by Shangri-La: traders hotel is the place! Deals click here the area ’ s landmark monument ) hiking to Dubai Marina beach plenty. For a nice getaway within Dubai can be daunting for the 50 best things to.! The entry is free something here for everyone will help ou decide which place is better, planning vacation... While most of these are located inside the hotels, there are other places can. And spend a day doing literally nothing ) Dhabi Falcon Hospital ( a luxury destination stretches!