An early indication for the bug, is if in front of the Barrow's entrance there is no book called "Yngol and the Sea Ghosts" to be found amongst some alchemical ingredients. It appears he had discovered the barrow in his travels and had been transcribing the Nordic carvings in the cave for the College of Winterhold. It is an ice-filled tomb located northeast of Windhelm on the south side of the river bank. The puzzle door combination can be found on the underside of its corresponding claw. Yngol Barrow is used for multiple quests, and the enemies within may vary depending upon which quests, if any, are active. However, those of you who have been there, should know about the button at the end, its right beside the door where you enter. Yngol Barrow is a small, linear tomb located North East of Windhelm. The hero will head there and be asked by Ralis to fund the Kolbjorn Barrow excavation project. Helm Of Yngol: On top of the head of the skeleton sitting on the throne at the end of the Yngol Barrow dungeon. However, that will not start a second quest, and returning to the barrow at that point shows things are exactly as they were left. The Coral Claw is obtained from Birna, the shop keeper in Winterhold. Yngol Barrow is a nordic tomb that can only be fully opened with the Coral Dragon Claw. The chest should be unlocked when Yngol's shade dies. Barrow She offers it to the Dragonborn for 50 in exchange for telling her if it ever "works" in the future. Each one is made of precious gems and/or materials and can be very valuable. While exploring the interior of Yngol Barrow, the Dragonborn will encounter several eerie light orbs. However, the prompt to take the helm will still be given. If one tries to complete the "Helm of Winterhold" quest after completing the Imperial path for the. If you have the Yngol Barrow quest, and I did plus had the Coral claw, that's the only enemy in the place, so the Barrow will immediately show up as "cleared" even though you haven't really entered it yet. 16:59, 24 March 2018 (UTC) Yngol Barrow: … Link; Reset; Map Key; Help; Discuss; UESP Home Through random exploring I find Yngol Barrow, which has lots of little blue spots jumping around in it musically - interesting. Quests I've spent 2 hours trying to open the wheel door in Yngol Barrow. Jagged Crown: You will get this crown in Korvanjund Crypt during "The Jagged Crown" Civil War quest. So Ive been playing Skyrim with my 3rd character, and i decide to clear Yngol Barrow. Requires Dragonborn DLC Locations so far •Yngol barrow •Kagrenzel •Frostflow Lighthouse •Alftand Ruined Tower •Brinewater Grotto •Halldirs Cairn •Purewater Run •Reachwater Rock •Sightless Pit Yngol Barrow - Final room (after the coral claw) - open gate? The scholar's corpse contains a book titled Notes on Yngol Barrow. On the throne by Yngol's corpse lies Helm of Yngol, a unique helm." I have used the key and killed the last guy in there (that I know of). Sit on the throne after you complete the correct Pillars below or just leave the skull there. You can zoom in and inspect the Coral Dragon Claw in your Misc items. Dungeon Delving: Do a favor for Jarl Korir by retrieving the Helm of Winterhold. If one has already obtained the claw from Winterhold, it will not be there. If you killed a "Draugr Guardian" instead, then it's possible it won't open, because it's … In the room with the bridge over shallow water, there is a chest and a burial urn under the water on the left hand side. UESP:Skyrim Map. Casting Barrows Teleport in the Arceuus spellbook. If you killed a "Draugr Guardian" instead, then it's possible it won't open, because it's … Bethesda Game Studios' blockbuster open-world RPG puts players on the precipice of determining the future of Skyrim as the Empire waits for the prophesized Dragonborn to come; a hero born with the power of The Voice, and the only one who can stand amongst the dragons. Entering from this side will put the Dragonborn in the barrow on the other side of the gate. Type The first is from Birna the shop keeper in Winterhold. If the Dragonborn is doing the quest ". Its order is (top to bottom): Snake, Wolf, Moth. i checked all merchants i sold claws to, and only one in Windhelm and one in Riverwood have claws, and theyre different kinds. The Brother's Chest only appears when you have killed the two brother wights, Lsyld & Edan, who stand guard near the Garth Agarwen Gate. If the Dragonborn has started the quest for the Helm of Yngol, then the final room contains Yngol's Shade, an undead wielding a honed Ancient Nord battleaxe or an ebony sword, and appears to use Frost Breath, and Disarm. The tallest peak in Skyrim has a very apt name: The Throat of The World. In Skyrim Dragonborn, the hero will be able to do the Unearthed quest at some point in his ventures in Solstheim.He will be told that Ralis Sedarys wants to meet with him outside Kolbjorn Barrow. Location Enemies They will follow after the Dragonborn, even if no draugr are awakened or present. Use Magicka, Enchanted Weapons, or silver to defeat it. I keep trying to use the key but the key will not work. She also tells the Dragonborn a possible location, the Yngol Barrow. There's a second copy of the claw that appears in Yngol's Barrow if you didn't get one from Birna, intended for the Helm of Winterhold quest.