b'move on to the next one. But now, seven years later, this is truly a lifestyle-oriented private club that we want to remain part of our family. People come here for fun, to be surrounded by like-minded people and to escape from the outside world. The pandemic contributed to this. What the members what it is about this place, but Id play golf here.love about it is that they raise their families here, Maybe its the expectations of Texas as flat andthey bring their friends out, and they entertain boringbut Bluejack has these falls and rises withbusiness partners here.little lakes and hidden creeks. There are gorgeousI didnt realize how much of a star Bluejack has trees that tower over you. I dont like cutting downbecome. Our Lantern Entertainment partners want trees here and am happy when people call me theto meet here because theyve heard its a safe place Loraxit is all about the trees! with no paparazzi or autograph hounds. Tiger has sent his friends and business partners out here. KRISTIN: The magic expands beyond the trees; itWhile we have hosted presidents, celebrities, comes from our kids and friends being excited toathletes, entertainers, politicians, and business come to Bluejack and always disappointed when itstycoons, we treat everyone the same. I have shared time to return to what they call the real world outsidewith several members, we want this place where Bluejack. It comes from families, co-workers, and cli- you can be yourselves, and not get hounded, where ents who slow down and spend more time together.you feel like youre among equals, this is it.Magic comes when families dealing with personal struggles find refuge and time to heal. For me, theHow has the amenity plan developed and magic comes when you can spend more time withchanged over time?kids or when you dont know where your kids are onKRISTIN: Part of the charm of Bluejack comes property, yet you are not worried about their safety.from finding unique places spread throughout the property. Each place provides alternatives to either ANDY: I agree, its that you can hang out with yourgather with friends or escape for some personal family or tell them to enjoy themselves. I hope thattime. We are fortunate to have all of this acreage never changes. Its a very casual and natural atmo-sphere that creates the magic of Bluejack. Its a place for every generation of family, which enables me to do what I want to do. After a career wearing suits and ties, I personally wanted a laid-back luxury experience for my family, work, and friends. Magic is that I can do it all at Bluejack, and the memories we take with us after each visit. How has your vision of Bluejack changed since its inception?ANDY: Maybe at one point I thought of this more as a development where you build homes and 24 BLUEJACK MAGAZINE'