b'Kristin and Mike have designed each lounge to have its own fireplace. Theres nothing better than a fire and a glass of champagne, Kristin says. Plus, both the mens and the womens lounges are exactly the same size and have the exact same features. Between the two lounges are two old fashion barber chairs for men to get a shave and haircut or for women to get a blowout and trim.Outside, the hill is being sculpted and terraced to incorporate generous lawn space in addition to a swimming pool and the hot and cold plunges. The pool is very dramatic, says Marsh, with zero edges that seem to fall off the hillside. Adjacent to the pool is an outdoor grill and a huge, 6,500-square-foot lawn. A smaller lawn beside the spa will serve as a yoga lawn.PARTS = WHOLEThe Sanctuary is a completely different side to the club, says Kristin. Its a space for coming together for work events, charity events, and family retreats. I can picture my tennis team coming for a full day of treatments, pool time, and lunch. I imagine Molly, Wynne, and I getting nail and hair treatments.I picture team-building events and work retreats. Not every function at Bluejack needs to be on the golf course. It depends on what youre trying to achieve.Marsh adds: Weve designed two different areas On offer will befor community events. One level down from the spa a full slate ofis the big-event lawn. The yoga lawn can also serve soothing beautyas a place for art shows and small gatherings.treatments,When will it be done? is the question on massage, andeveryones mind. Everything is proceedingbodywork. Buton schedule, so its quite likely you can settle inthere will alsofor your first treatment in late 2022.be so much more. It may seem ironic that theres so much excitement building for a non-golf offering at the home of the countrys first Tiger Woods course, 32 BLUEJACK MAGAZINE'