b'LIVE FROM BLUEJACK NATIONALWhat a Long, Strange Trip Its BeenW elcome to BLUEJACK Magazine, a publication designed to share the stories that illuminate where we came from and help shape our future. From its origin as Blaketree National golf club to its coming of age as Bluejack Nationala private multi-generational luxury resort communitythe vision has remained consistent: to create and maintain a special place for family, friends, and work.For longer than most of us realize, theres been something about this place that connects people to the land, themselves, and each other that is worth protecting and growing responsibly. We are all in search of a life well lived for ourselves, family members, friends, and business partners. In a world that seems increasingly disconnected and divided, Bluejack seeks to remain a refuge to bring us together and find the best of ourselves, and a safe place 2 BLUEJACK MAGAZINE'