b'SPOTLIGHTBY M I KE BAI LEYLet Them Eat CakeMeet Executive Pastry Chef Extraordinaire Leen Kim NunnVegas is also where she first caught the eye of Brett Schoenfield, who recruited her to come work for him atThe (historic) Omni Homestead Resort in Virginia. Schoenfield recruited Nunn a second time after he became president and general manager of Bluejack in early 2020.Y At The Homestead, Nunn blossomed, coming up with ou wouldnt know it to look at her, but slim, trim Leenconfections that seemed impossible. One time, for murder-Kim Nunn loves to eat dessert. In fact, it was her lovemystery night, she baked a meringue dessert with fog coming of sugary, chocolaty, and decadent edibles that luredout of it and red passion fruit to simulate splattered blood.her away from a profession in the banking industry. Nowadays,She was soon invited to participated in the Food Bluejack National members are the beneficiaries, as Nunn hasNetworks Chopped Sweets competition. She survived one served as executive pastry chef since August of 2020. elimination round after another before she won with a fiery Anytime Id go to a restaurant, Id look at the dessert menufinal composition.first, Nunn said. So I decided to pursue my dream, which wasI made a dessert and covered it in cotton candy, and to become a pastry chef. I didnt go to culinary school . then I torched the cotton candy so as it melted it revealed the I taught myself how to do pastries. dessert inside, she recalled. The judges loved that. It gives And boy does she do pastries. She worked her way up fromme goose bumps still just thinking about it.mom and pop restaurants in Los Angeles before she gotNunns tasty innovations are on full display at Bluejack her big break working under Cesar Cifuentes, a famous pastryat The Place restaurant, The Fort restaurant, the Blake chef from Spain, at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. She wouldCottage, and at many private events.later move to Las Vegas and study under chef Jean Phillipe,Her personal favorite dessert? Chocolate cake.who is known for, among other things, his incredible chocolateGive me that with a nice glass of milk, she says.fountain at The Bellagio. That really hits the spot for me. 42 BLUEJACK MAGAZINE'