b'CONTENTSIn This Issue8 | The BuzzThe Place wins Merchandiser of the Year; and why playing lessons are the best way to improve your golf game.36 | Travel: CaboAt the southern tip of Baja California Sur, Mexico, is another Tiger Woods-designed course, El Cardonal at Diamante. It\'s one of two gems well worth the trip.40 | Spotlight:Eric BauerMeet the man behind the superb playing conditions at Bluejack National. His is quite the story.42 | Spotlight:Leen Kim NunnLeen Nunn creates the delectable treats and desserts found around Bluejack. She\'ll also customize something50 | Kid\'s Cornerscrumptious for your specialSend your kids on a photographFeaturesevent.treasure hunt around Bluejack 44 | Member Profile: and send us their shots . fun! 10 | History of BluejackScott Kazmir 52 | Recipe From its earliest days as Blaketree National The southpaw pitcher hopes The Jackhammer is one of theGolf Club, the story has been about the his silver summer propels himmost popular drinks at Bluejack to new heights in the 2022 National, particularly on a sunnyextraordinary land. Now, as the future unfolds, MLB season. day. Here\'s the recipe to make itit\'s time to look back at how it all came to be.44 | Social Corner at home. 20 | The Bluejack VisionA roundup of the many social events at Bluejack in 2021.A Q&A with Kristin and Andy Mitchell about their vision for the future of the community near and dear to their hearts, and what they see as the "magic" of the place.About the coverTwerla HortonFrom day28 | The Sanctuaryone, team member Twerla Horton has been an integralThe spa and wellness center that\'s aboutpart of the Bluejack family,to come out of the ground is the next big step these days offering a warmforward for Bluejack National.welcome to members at the Greeter\'s Barn.6 BLUEJACK MAGAZINE'