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Why Custom Publishing?

A custom magazine allows a company to feature itself and its products in the most positive possible light, with the added credibility of presenting articles written by respected journalists. The idea is to use the implied credibility of the news media to communicate key marketing messages to a highly targeted, pre-qualified group of existing and potential customers.

Such an approach can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of traditional media placement, delivering an uncluttered message in a highly attractive package, and without the circulation waste.

According to an April 2009 survey conducted by Roper Public Affairs on behalf of the Custom Publishing Council, custom publications showed increased positive impact on purchasing behavior. Some 68% of respondents to the study said that companies that “provide information about their products in custom publications help them make better purchase decisions.”

The magazine covers below are linked to sample representative issues of our our work

Biltmore Magazine

Biltmore Magazine

Troon Golf & Travel

Huntsman Springs Magazine

Westin Kierland

Del Mar Escapes

Del Mar Escapes

Troon Prive Connect

Grom It! Magazine

Grom It!

The Gathering Place

FORE Magazine

Mauna Kea

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